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Solving Complex System Problems

SundRy, Inc. provides technology solutions to complex problems in three domains: public safety, education and business. SundRy is an industry leader of IT and Management products and services. Founded in 1989, we employ leading edge technologies to develop applications, solutions and comprehensive support services for our clients.

The services we provide include the design, specification and implementation of enterprise-wide applications; process modeling, product development, system implementation and integration, business process re-engineering, information system design, strategic planning, program management and acquisition management.

We have delivered high-performance, cost-effective solutions that enable our clients to accomplish their business objectives and achieve success. We can help you achieve success too.

Education Solutions

The core of SundRy Education is a system engineering group that developed the A·B·D system for educators.

The On-Grade Institute is the delivery arm of SundRy Education offering end-to-end support to educators. Its powered ny the A·B·D system.

All top-down reforms depend on teachers for achieving effective classroom implementations. Repeatedly, we see that top-down reform directed at teachers with minimal planning time and a glut of disjointed materials produces little if no real improvement in student achievement.







Public Safety Solutions

SundRy Public Safety is your corrections specialist with extensive jail and prison experience in design, implementation, operations and systems. We have in-depth knowledge of correctional information systems, security electronics, and prison industries. Our team has extensive experience in defense, air traffic control and simulation systems. Over the past 18 years, we've applied that experience to corrections.





Business Solutions

The SundRy Business division provides technical services to solve customer problems and improve operational effectiveness and efficiency. The division offers a comprehensive product for managing contract work, Project Manager. It's a breakthrough software application that bridges the gap between accounting systems and the typical jungle of spreadsheets needed to manage contract performance including invoicing.